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The Slinky Minky

4 x One to One Therapeutic Sessions

These unique therapeutic sound therapy sessions explore the concepts of self compassion, finding balance, creating personal change and are tailored to suit your needs and personal intention.

​If you ever felt lost, confused or like you are going in circles trying to change your life only to end up back at square one, I’ll teach you simple action steps to change your life.

​During each session you will journey through the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls/ crystal singing bowls and gentle percussion.

Once the sound session has been completed, you will reflect on your experience and create specific intentions for the week ahead.

​Finding Balance is a complete, 4/7 week therapeutic package which includes 4 x 1.5 hour therapeutic sound therapy sessions alongside goal setting and various self-care practices to help you move forward in life. 

  • Identify the symptoms and consequences of your limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • Learn about ways to develop a more compassionate and accepting stance towards your self

  • Gain insight into different types of motivation for self-improvement

  • Discover a variety of tools which can enhance more self-acceptance, joy and passion

This amazing transformative package is delivered over 7/12 weeks and offers you the support needed to get your life back into balance, It requires self reflection and facilitates action for personal change.

We use a specific playing techniques to affect the brain and nervous system, producing a therapeutic effect for the mind, body and emotions. This method also uses a process of self-reflection and self-enquiry known as ‘The 5Rs’ which helps us to understand the impact that our symptoms and/or life situation is having on us and empowers us to move forward in a life-affirming and positive way.  Great if you are seeking ways to:

1. Change Habits

2. Explore Limiting Beliefs

3. Manage Change

What clients say:

"I have stretched me out of my comfort zone so much! I can't believe how different I feel"

​"I am so much lighter and understand myself so much better with love and compassion."

Investment £528 

Lets have a chat, contact with name and number and we can have a discussion about your needs.